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White Noise
80x80 cm
£ 895.00

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Jonathan Newey

One of a long line of artists, creativity is in Jonathan’s genes. He is a Reading based artist and works in varying types of acrylic paint to create impactful, abstract work.

Jonathan starts with images of the Earth taken by astronauts and from satellites, along with sketches of cracks in walls and patterns found on the bark of trees. He makes drawings using charcoal and oil pastels, then discards the original images using his sketches as a platform for his finished paintings. Jonathan uses thick paint to create texture and then applies washes of liquid acrylic to the surface, rubbing it off in places and then applying more layers. This layering of thin washes gives his work depth and a luminosity that picks up on the intriguing detail left behind by the first coat of heavily textured paint.

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