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95x85 cm
£ 1200.00

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Claire Chandler

Through painting Claire Chandler conveys her experience of the landscape. She aims to describe a space, what is it to move through, round and over a landscape, touching and being touched by the elements. During this past year Chandler has become even more aware of her connection with nature, really appreciating walking, drawing and exploring the local area in south London where she lives.

Chandlerís paintings are about trying to understand this vast thing of which we are a part. Her intention is not to depict a space visually but to uncover the feel of what it is. Chandler works in acrylic building the painting up through multiple layers, sometimes revealing the past to create the depth and feeling she is aiming for. By combining gestural brushstrokes with flat calming layers of colour, Chandler aims to create paintings that are made with energy and emotion.

Art Exhibitions for Offices
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