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Harrys House
100x100 cm
£ 750.00

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Tim Gilpin

Tim Gilpin is a Northern Irish painter resident in Hertfordshire, England. He works extensively in large-scale square format, developing in recent years a series of graphic interiors composed of bold flat colours and loose lines, occasionally featuring sketchbook characters scaled to fit.

The ‘Rooms’ paintings in this series began life as a simple attempt to transfer figurative line drawings from sketchbooks onto large-canvas format. Gilpin experimented by adding colour, and he soon became intrigued by the possibilities of angles and cornered spaces and would sketch his bedroom, other rooms in his house, source hotel rooms from the 1950s and 1970s for geometric composition and interior design.

Gilpin works with a loose drawing, which he scans. Sometimes he would find a figurative sketch to insert in this new space, then play around with colours in image software before settling on a worked solution.

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