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Café by the Pantheon
70x70 cm
£ 700.00

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Liz Milburn

Liz is an impressionist artist, working from her home studio in Bucklebury, West Berkshire. Originally a software engineer and telecommunications manager, she turned to painting whilst living in the South of France with her family.

This collection showcases the vibrancy of everyday life in Rome. "I loved the wonderful sunlight and shadows in the streets of Rome. I wanted to capture the atmosphere I experienced when sitting down for a coffee and sketching the scenes around me."

Each piece starts life as a sketch, quickly transformed into a small watercolour to capture the essence of the scene. Taking influence from Picasso, Degas, Monet and Gaugin, Liz then works large scale in her impressionistic style. Artist Ken Howard’s book ’Inspired by Light’ has majorly informed her work and she can be found on the Art UK database as well as being a member of the Oxford Art Society.

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