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Dark Waters
80x80 cm
£ 1500.00

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Peter Corr

Although originally from the UK, Corr has lived in Germany, Cyprus and most recently Doha, Qatar. His work explores "contrasting sensations and impressions; feelings of time passing and notions of eternity"

Corr’s interest in meditation and the associated concepts of serenity and tranquillity is very much reflected in this collection. It’s no surprise that Corr’s work promotes a peaceful atmosphere and as in all things, there is more here than initially meets the eye.

Corr contrasts saturated with restrained colour, land with sky, smooth with rough, looking to explore the interplay of opposing values. In Corr’s words, "I am quite philosophical about what I do and, whist I am aware of the pitfalls of assigning too much weight and importance to ideas, I know - as most of us do - that the visible world is only the outer layer that confronts our eyes"

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