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Colourscape 5
Mixed Media
70x70 cm
£ 400.00

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Rich Spicer

I am a landscape painter living in West Sussex. I studied at Kingston University, graduating in 1995.

I am inspired by the natural world especially the changing light caused by seasonality and weather conditions and the effects the light has on the landscape. I am inspired by the solitude and stark beauty that can be found in our landscape. I am drawn to atmosphere and make mental notes and sketches focusing on form, colour and tone. In so doing my work has become more consciously intuitive and equally reliant on sub conscious recall for colour selection and form as educational theory.

When I look at the landscape it takes on abstract qualities and it is this aspect that interests me when I create my imagined landscapes based on memory. In my work I balance the abstract forms of the landscape with the representational aspect of the subject matter whilst creating deep perspective with sometimes a multiple view point. I never tire of the joy that I gain from representing a sprawling field with an instinctive stroke or splash of orange, red or yellow. I prefer to work from memory and imagination as I find it gives me a greater level of freedom and level of individuality.

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