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Windows I
76x100 cm
£ 720.00

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Orna Schneerson Pascal

From the city of Haifa in northern Israel, Schneerson Pascal was a born artist, adorning everything and anything in colour and pattern including furniture, her fathersí cigarette boxes and even her bedroom ceiling.

Her rhythmic, technicolour paintings radiate energy, joy and confidence and the intricate patterns and tribal symbols she paints are plucked directly from her imagination.

Schneerson Pascalís love of colour has driven her to experiment with beetroot juice, coffee and leaves and her obsessive nature drives her to repeat patterns; "I could have painted four hundred circles or fish and not even have noticed."

There is no separating the artist from the person, they are absolutely one and the same entity. Schneerson Pascalís intuitive approach to her work is what allows her to harness the vast energy she has within and translate it into the feast of vibrant colour and pattern that we see.

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