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Porthcurnick Beach I, 70x60; £ 235.00

Porthcurnick Beach II, 70x60; £ 235.00

Parati Brasil, 70x60; £ 285.00

Kaikoura Sunset NZ, 60x60; £ 200.00

Doubtful Sound Looking to the Tasmin Sea NZ, 70x60; £ 235.00

Portmeirion at Low Tide, 90x90; £ 435.00

Omaha Beach, 50x100; £ 235.00

Near Bognor, 55x60; £ 0.00

Moeraki Boulders, 90x90; £ 700.00


Exmouth Jurassic Coast , 60x60; 150.00 £

Jenny Goddard

Though based in Southampton, Goddard’s inspiration for this collection has come from all over the world. Revisiting places of special significance to her life, she has painted a variety of seascapes, capturing the wild weather or calm atmosphere of the place.

From getting engaged in Brazil to a wet camping holiday in Wales, via New Zealand and the Normandy coast, Goddard takes us on a trip around the world. The sea features in all of her work, an important element in her life both historically and to this day.

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experts in art for offices