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Temps fort, 80x70; £ 1485.00

Le haut des cimes, 100x70; £ 1780.00

Dans le profondeur du sommeil, 100x70; £ 1780.00

Composition X, 100x80; £ 1830.00

l'Attente VIII, 100x100; £ 1925.00

l'Attente X, 80x70; £ 1485.00

l'Aube Insolente, 100x80; £ 1830.00

Le Defi III, 100x100; £ 1925.00

Composition IV, 100x100; £ 1925.00


l'Abondence des Jours, 100x100; 1925.00 £

Andre Sprumont

Andre Sprumont is a well-established artist from Belgium. Though he began his creative career as a figurative painter, he soon turned to creating abstract work and has remained an abstract artist ever since.

His work is in the main monochromatic, inviting exciting touches of colour into his compositions. A calming collection of work, Andre invites viewers to take their time in exploring each piece, looking for the subtle details hidden in each painting.

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experts in art for offices