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Sunshine Fills My Spring Morning, 90x90; £ 495.00

Moon Chills My Autumn Night, 90x90; £ 495.00

Storm Crosses My Summer Sky, 90x90; £ 495.00

Sun Lights My Autumn Leaves, 76x76; £ 295.00

Winter Swirls My Icy Bay, 76x76; £ 295.00

Winter Steals My Autumn Paths, 76x76; £ 295.00

Autumn Blows My Summer Away, 76x76; £ 295.00

Sun Dances through my Bluebell Wood, 90x90; £ 495.00

Sun Glistens on my Autumn Stream, 76x76; £ 295.00


Sun Streams Through My Spring Trees, 76x76; 295.00 £

Tina Ashton

Originally from Caerphilly in Wales, Tina now works from a studio that overlooks a lake in the Buckinghamshire countryside. She is very fond of hearts, a shape that finds its way into much of her work, including this collection (one in each piece to be exact).

Tina’s style is heavily influenced by Art Nouveau. She uses swooping lines and curves that characterise much of this period and couples them with thick black outlines that resemble stained glass. The colour pallet used in this collection is taken from the work of American Art Nouveau designer, Louis Comfort Tiffany, best known for his stained glass.

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experts in art for offices