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Mauve and Purple Sunset, 51x51; £ 535.00

Croft by the Shore, 60x60; £ 535.00

Red Sunset Abstract, 51x76; £ 735.00

Rhum & Eigg, 71x91; £ 1085.00

Toward Blaven, 51x51; £ 535.00

Sunset Western Shore, 51x51; £ 535.00

Tuscan Hills, 76x76; £ 985.00

Dance of the Clouds, 40x101; £ 685.00

Blue Boat Berneray, 51x51; £ 350.00


Evening Delight, 76x76; 985.00 £

John Dumigan

John is a Scottish artist, living and working in Glasgow. Being an artist is integral to John’s identity, "It’s about being able to be honest to yourself - my art is about who I am."

Inspired by the wild beauty of the west coast of Scotland and the Highlands, John works in a representational style to create serene landscapes and seascapes. He explores his local environment on hillwalking and kayaking trips, capturing the unique rugged, remoteness of these beautiful hills and beaches.

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experts in art for offices