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Who is Awake at Night?, 80x80; £ 800.00

The Dawn of the Alpen Earthquake Sparkle, 80x80; £ 800.00

Autumn in Air, 80x80; £ 800.00

Flat and Fat, 80x80; £ 800.00

A Nap from Above, 80x80; £ 800.00

Home by Sunset, 80x80; £ 800.00

Face the Breeze, 80x80; £ 800.00

Obstacles, 80x80; £ 800.00

Flying Through Autumn, 80x80; £ 800.00


A Walk in a Rest, 80x80; 800.00 £

Jasmine Farrow

Based in Norfolk, Jasmine uses a variety techniques and processes depending on what she is trying to express.

As well as building up many layers and using glazing techniques. Jasmine enjoys scraping through the paint to create texture and likes to focus on shapes and colours.

After battling severe ME/CF for two years. Jasmine used the illness as inspiration to get back to her original path of becoming an artist.

This series addresses the difficulties of processing visual information and communicating during some of the most difficult times of her neurological illness.

If you wish to purchase one of the shown original paintings or would like to make an appointment, please call us on: +44 (0)23 8063 4875

experts in art for offices