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Aeternus, 71x71; £ 625.00

Amicitia, 71x71; £ 625.00

Amicus, 71x71; £ 625.00

Animi, 101.5x101.5; £ 1250.00

Animus, 101.5x101.5; £ 1250.00

Adamo, 101.5x101.5; £ 1250.00

Acer, 101.5x101.5; £ 1250.00

Aspicio, 101.5x101.5; £ 1250.00

Aetas, 71x71; £ 625.00


Aestus, 101.5x101.5; 1250.00 £

Gem Sheridan

Gem Sheridan was born and raised in London where she gained a BA (Hons) Fine Art from Middlesex University.

Whilst continuing to paint she also worked as a specialist artist within the film industry for many years which enriched her knowledge of visual perception.

She incorporates complex techniques which she has cultivated throughout her practice and specialises in abstract work with the use of mixed media.

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experts in art for offices