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Cracow, 100x100; £ 800.00

Ramblas, 100x100; £ 800.00

Bloody Wakefield, 76x100; £ 600.00

The Rock And The River, 76x100; £ 600.00

Denbosch, 100x100; £ 800.00

Garden Valley, 76x100; £ 600.00

Lisbon, 100x100; £ 800.00

Rome, 100x100; £ 800.00

Berlin, 100x100; £ 800.00


Blueline Falls, 100x100; 800.00 £

Christopher Lessware

Lessware is an oil painter based in South London.

In a style that closely resembles Abstract Expressionism, he uses gestural marks, brushstrokes and trickles of charcoal to create deeply textured surfaces.

Lessware says ’I don’t do preliminary sketches; it all takes place on the canvas and develops there. I practice life drawing and painting every week and I would guess that this practice feeds into my abstract images.’

In July 2010, one of his paintings, ’New Rose’, was used by Carcanet Press as the cover for a book of poetry by Gregory Woods, entitled "An Ordinary Dog".

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experts in art for offices