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Sheep Morning, 75x75; £ 425.00

Willowherb, 75x75; £ 425.00

Cotswold Verge, 75x75; £ 425.00

Bales, Windrush, 80x80; £ 475.00

Windrush, Evening, 80x80; £ 475.00

Wychwood Bales, 80x80; £ 475.00

Windrush, 80x80; £ 475.00

Painswick Suset, 75x75; £ 450.00

Track, Evenlode, 80x80; £ 475.00


Poppies, Sherborne, 80x80; 475.00 £

Rupert Aker

Based in the Cotswold’s, Aker has been exhibiting his work and painting professionally for 12 years.

Regularly walking the valleys and hills, Aker gains inspiration from the woods, meadows and hedgerows. His aim is to capture the effects of the light on the land through the medium of oil paint with palette knife.

In Aker’s words ’nothing can replace being outside and experiencing the natural world in its raw state, but if I can at least capture the essence of it, I am happy. I hope to create an emotional response through my painting - whether it be a sense of peace and calm or drama and energy.’

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experts in art for offices