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A Gust Of Wind, 70x70; £ 950.00

A Tuscan Tree, 70x70; £ 950.00

Calm Waters, 70x70; £ 950.00

Dusk, 70x70; £ 950.00

City Blossom, 70x70; £ 950.00

Feeding Birds, 70x70; £ 950.00

Northern Sea View, 70x70; £ 950.00

Early Spring, 70x70; £ 950.00

Deers Path, 70x70; £ 950.00


Snow Fox, 70x70; 950.00 £

Giuliana Lazzerini

Lazzerini is an Italian artist, originally from Seravezza in Tuscany, now living and working in York. She uses her imagination, inspired by the contrasting landscapes of Tuscany and Yorkshire to create uniquely stylised landscapes. Beginning each piece with recollections of her native Tuscany, Lazzerini then allows her experience of the Northern English countryside to impact on the work, inviting memory and imagination to engage with one another.

Inspired by the likes of Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky, she combines brushwork and the use of palette knives to produce strong colour themes and carefully constructed compositions.

In the same way that a medieval tapestry narrates a story, logically moving from one pictorial structure to the next, Lazzerini interlocks buildings, hillsides and figures in a very flat and shallow space to tell the stories of the villages in her imagination.

As a young child Lazzerini recalls being enraptured by vibrancy of colour in her father’s mosaic studio. Her early childhood memories still bear a strong influence on her work, her father’s work playing into the interlocking shapes and angles in Lazzerini’s landscapes.

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