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Aqua Koi, 100x100; £ 489.00

Bombay Geisha, 100x100; £ 489.00

Geisha Girl, 100x100; £ 489.00

Mother & Child, 80x100; £ 395.00

Golden Koi, 100x100; £ 489.00

Dream Geishas, 100x100; £ 489.00

Humming Bird, 80x100; £ 395.00


Geisha Girl II, 100x100; 489.00 £

Damian Poole

Damian is a professional street artist from Surrey. He didn’t take a conventional route into art, studying industrial design before choosing a more creative path.

Damian’s collection focusses on everyday beauty. This body of work has been created using spray paint, either free hand or using stencils and masks. Damian takes influence from several directions including Andy Warhol, which you can see in his music icons and Katsushika Hokusai as reflected in his serene geishas and koi. More contemporary artists such as Damien Hirst and Banksy have also inspired Damian to evolve his distinctive urban style.

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experts in art for offices