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I saw Copper and Red, 70x70; £ 550.00

Kinder Scout, 70x70; £ 550.00

Windswept Moors, 70x70; £ 550.00

When I turned I saw Birches, 70x70; £ 550.00

Blue Sky, Windy Moors, 70x70; £ 550.00

Vibrant Land, 70x70; £ 550.00

Whispering Trees, 70x70; £ 550.00

Beautiful Birches, 70x70; £ 550.00

The Wild and Heathery, 70x70; £ 550.00


Dappled Light, Bluebells, 70x70; 550.00 £

Amanda Horvath

Amanda lives and works in the Derbyshire Peak District, famed for its rugged beauty. The area inspired parts of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and the likes of Beatrix Potter and William Wordsworth also fed the landscape and people into their work. Living in this culturally significant place, it’s no surprise to learn that Amanda is also a poet, story and song writer.

Her stylised landscapes and forests carry her influences in her impressionistic and expressive style. She works in layers, allowing the one below to peak through to the next, giving her work a sense of depth and perspective. Amanda uses acrylic paint and a palette knife resulting in tactile textures and a three dimensional quality. She works in strong colours, adding touches of cherry, lavender and sunny yellows that lift the work, making for an impactful collection of paintings.

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experts in art for offices