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London#10, 70x92; £ 600.00

London#9, 70x92; £ 600.00

London#8, 70x70; £ 600.00

London#7, 70x92; £ 600.00

London#6, 70x92; £ 600.00

London #13, 70x70; £ 600.00

London#4, 70x92; £ 600.00

London#14, 70x70; £ 600.00

London#16, 70x70; £ 600.00


London #15, 70x70; 600.00 £

Mark Fisher

From Canterbury originally, Mark now works from his studio in Sedlescombe, East Sussex. Mark was taught to draw and paint from an early age by his mother, winning his first art competition at the young age of 16. Art is an inherent part of Mark’s identity, he says, "I am a painter; I need to paint."

Mark’s collection of London cityscapes, are painted in a distinctive, representational style. Inspired by artists such as J.M.W Turner and Kurt Jackson, he is interested not only in the landscape but in the architecture that sits within it. Using deliberate brushwork, Mark builds the city in horizontal and vertical lines from high view-points to deliver an atmospheric body of work.

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experts in art for offices