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Southbank At Dusk, 75x75; £ 1200.00

Festival Hall, 75x75; £ 1200.00

Waterloo Station, 75x75; £ 1200.00

Temple Bar, 73x73; £ 1200.00

Royal Court Of Justice, 70x70; £ 1050.00

Embankment Station, 73x73; £ 1200.00

St Andrew Undershaft, 73x73; £ 1200.00

St Helen Bishopsgate, 70x70; £ 1050.00

St Mary Le Strand, 62x89; £ 1200.00


All Hallows, London Wall, 70x80; 1200.00 £

Andrew Halliday

From Warwickshire originally, Halliday now splits his time between London and Lymington. Son to two creative parents, he has followed in his ceramicist mother and artist father’s footsteps.

Inspired by the low levels of light during the twilight hours in the city, Halliday captures the contrast between the old and new architecture of London. Influenced by artists such as Edward Hopper, Andrew works in a soft, figurative style to really convey the feeling of dusk or dawn.

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experts in art for offices