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Classic Jar, 60x80; £ 540.00

Hooking Up, 62x92; £ 600.00

Astrologers Table, 60x60; £ 540.00

Fresco Relax, 51x77; £ 450.00

Magnet Eaters, 65x78; £ 540.00

Illuminating Conversations, 61x82; £ 540.00

Still Life, 60x60; £ 540.00

Magnism, 61x82; £ 540.00

TV 1961, 100x100; £ 900.00


Celebrate, 72x102; 720.00 £

Oliver Bloom

Born in London, Oliver continues to live and work from the UK’s capital. Though he lives in an urban environment, he was educated on a farming school which gave him a strong connection to rural life.

As a sculptor as well as a painter, Oliver takes a very three dimensional approach to painting. His work here follows a still life theme, depicting everyday objects in semi abstract form. Influenced by both the natural and urban world, he brings together elements from each to make clever, balanced compositions. Mood is very important to Oliver and he uses various shades of one colour to activate certain areas of the canvas.

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experts in art for offices