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Mountains in Motion , 60x60; £ 500.00

Puzzle en Haut, 60x60; £ 500.00

Montagnes Cachees , 60x60; £ 500.00

Undulating Landscape, 60x60; £ 500.00

Sports En Puzzle, 60x60; £ 500.00

Journey Of Life, 100x100; £ 720.00

Passage Through Time, 100x100; £ 720.00

Montagnes, 60x60; £ 500.00

Melting Mountains, 60x60; £ 500.00


Dents En Harlequin, 60x60; 500.00 £

Lorraine Benton

Though a born and bred Londoner, Lorraine now splits her time between the UK and the French Alps where she works from a mountain chalet. Though her early surroundings were very urban, a move to the West Country to study gave way to a passion for the countryside.

This psychedelic collection is inspired by the mountain landscape. Lorraine uses a mixture of bold contrasting colour and geometric shapes to create ’visual conundrums’. Clever, flowing line-work and repetitive pattern give her work its’ very linear feel and her puzzle pieces inject a sense of playfulness.

If you wish to purchase one of the shown original paintings or would like to make an appointment, please call us on: +44 (0)23 8063 4875

experts in art for offices