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Jenny, 100x100; £ 850.00

Margot, 100x100; £ 850.00

Miranti, 100x100; £ 850.00

Barbara, 100x100; £ 850.00

Delia, 100x100; £ 850.00

Donna, 100x100; £ 850.00

Elise, 100x100; £ 850.00

Emily, 100x100; £ 850.00

Roseanna, 100x100; £ 850.00


Isla, 100x100; 850.00 £

Georgina Vinsun

Georgina lives and works as a professional artist in Staffordshire. She takes nature and cloud formations as her cue for her expressive, abstract landscapes.

"I live in Biddulph Moor in Staffordshire, which is high up and has the most beautiful skies," Georgina says. "I only need to go out for a walk to get inspiration - and I even find it from just looking at the garden. As I mainly work from memory, I’ll then go back to my studio, sit down, mix paint and let the piece develop on the canvas."

Her work is deliberately ambiguous, leaving it completely open to interpretation. Her passion for spontaneity expresses itself through energetic brush marks and spiralling lines that come to rest on top of the soft, atmospheric ’veils’ of colour that make up the body of each painting.

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experts in art for offices