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Corn Field Harvest, 90x90; £ 395.00

Blue Trees, 90x90; £ 395.00

Sea of Hope, 91x61; £ 395.00

Purple Skies, 91x91; £ 395.00

Sunshine Day, 91x91; £ 395.00

The Tide is Turning, 91x91; £ 395.00

I Have a Dream, 91x91; £ 395.00

Never Ending, 100x50; £ 395.00

Things Have Changed, 102x76; £ 395.00


Layer Upon Layer, 91x91; 395.00 £

Ray Hill

Ray Hill works as an artist from studios in Witcombe, Gloucestershire. Fascinated by colour, he looks to connect us to the landscape through his vivid collection of peaceful landscapes.

Hill creates his paintings in horizontal layers, from the sky to the ground, including hedgerows, wheat fields, beaches and the sea. He applies varying techniques to different layers, creating contrast between a flatly painted sky and textured tree line or a soft layer of sand against a glazed path. His intuitive response to the colours, textures and shapes of the natural world gives way to joyful celebration of colour and feeling of calm.

If you wish to purchase one of the shown original paintings or would like to make an appointment, please call us on: +44 (0)23 8063 4875

experts in art for offices